Free Pick-up and Free Delivery Laundry Depot


Getting Started

For ease of access and hassle free process, ou can place your use whatsapp to enter your address and set pickup and dropoff times that suit you best. Our driver will bring you our labelled bags for you to fill. Each bag has different types of services such as Homecare, Wash & Fold, Clean & Press, Shoe & Bag Care, and Press Only mentioned on the bag. We will pickup and dropoff your items based on your order requirements.

We provide services for all your laundry needs. This includes dry cleaning, wet cleaning, hand washing, bulk washing, air drying, steam pressing, ironing, tumble drying, stain removal, shoe cleaning, bag cleaning, and everything in between!

Just have your clothes ready. Our driver will bring a Laundry Depot bag pack to place your loose clothes in. Check the services that you need on our website, our driver can help you set up your bags for the first time.

Our regular turn around is 48 hours. You can select next day delivery for a 50% surcharge on the fees.

Not necessarily. You can leave your bag of laundry outside your home by the door. You can also leave your items with your doorman. Most of our customers are comfortable with laundry left at their doorstep, UAE is very safe, so you wouldn’t need to worry as we never had theft issues.

Not at all! Our laundry experts will separate the clothes according to color, material and cleaning method.

Your pickup and dropoff location has to be the same.

Yes, you can simply cancel an order and place a new one at your desired time, provided that your first order has not been picked up yet.

Yes, you can cancel your order before it has been picked up.

When placing an order, you are not required to add the amount of laundry you want to send. All you have to do is order a pickup through whatsapp, and leave as many bags of laundry as you want for cleaning.

We operate only in Dubai.


Our laundry experts select appropriate cleaning programs based on fabric types and care instructions. Special requests can be added via the app for expensive or special items.

While we use top-quality equipment and industry-leading stain removal products for dry cleaning, we cannot guarantee removal of all stains. Notify us in the order or inform our driver about specific items with stains.

We cannot process fur or articles soiled in hazardous materials or blood. We'll inform you promptly about unprocessable items and return them, if necessary.

All clothes are processed at our state-of-the-art Laundry Depot facility.

Yes, we provide cleaning services for wedding dresses.

For Wash & Fold, your clothes won't mix with others. Clean & Press items may be processed together based on the same cleaning program.

We use only eco-friendly, biodegradable, and dermatologically tested detergents, safe even for babies.

Sorry, we only use our dermatologically tested eco-friendly detergents.

We'll notify you if certain materials can't be processed.

Currently, we don't process leather or any pet-related items.

Our laundry experts determine the best cleaning programs for different garments and materials, including specialized washing temperatures.

Shoe Care

Basic Cleaning turnaround time is currently four days.

Shoe repairs depend on assessment. Services like Sole Replacement, Heel Tips Replacement, Major Gluing, and Stitching are currently not available.

Light Restoration involves Basic Cleaning, Minor Glue Work, Light Stitching, and Light Color Restoration.

Heavy Restoration is assessed case by case and includes Major Color Restoration, Glue Work, Stitching, Icing, and Weather Protection for shoes nearing the end of their lifespan.

No, our skilled technicians evaluate the shoe's sole type before proceeding with safe and effective Icing. Approval is sought from customers before initiating Icing.

We avoid using washing machines for shoes. Laundry Depot's specialized shoe technicians employ tailored wet and dry cleaning methods to rejuvenate your shoes.

Pricing & Billing

Our minimum charge is AED 49.

We don’t store your credit card details. Payments are processed securely using Checkout with SSL encryption.

An itemized receipt will be sent after successful delivery.

You can specify your preferred payment method when placing an order. Once delivered, an itemized receipt allows payment via card, payment link, or cash.

We investigate missing items internally for 5-7 days. If untraceable, reimbursement follows our Terms & Conditions.

Internal investigation for damaged items takes 5-7 days. If we're at fault and cannot rectify the issue, reimbursement occurs per our Terms & Conditions.

We're liable for damages caused by Laundry Depot, including human or process errors. Reimbursement can be transferred to your bank or credited to your Laundry Depot account.

Laundry Depot is liable for damages or missing items up to 10 times the cost of cleaning.

If unsatisfied with the cleaning result, contact our customer care team. We'll arrange for item pick-up and re-cleaning at no additional charge.

If unhappy with the ironing result, contact our customer care team. We'll arrange for item pick-up and re-pressing at no additional charge.