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Pressing Services

Need a quick press? We'll make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free.

When you need a quick solution to remove wrinkles from your clothing, our Press Service in Dubai is here to help. We provide professional garment pressing to ensure your clothes look polished and wrinkle-free. Whether it's a last-minute outfit or business attire, we'll make sure you're always well-dressed and ready to go.

Price Starting at AED 3


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Full Pricing

T-Shirt AED 3
Shirts AED 4
Blouse AED 4
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Shorts AED 4
Skirt AED 5
Pyjama Pants AED 4
Pants AED 4
Jeans AED 4
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Pullover AED 5
Sweater AED 3
Jacket AED 8
Winter Jacket AED 10
Winter Overcoat AED 12
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Coat AED 12
Suit Jacket AED 10
Tie AED 4
Overcoat AED 12
Dress Evening AED 12
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Abaya Basic AED 8
Abaya Delicate AED 10
Gathra AED 5
Jalabiya AED 8
Kandura AED 8
Kurta Men’s AED 6
Kurta Women's AED 6
Lungi AED 6
Sari AED 12
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Home Items
Bedsheet AED 7
Bedcover AED 10
Pillow Case AED 3
Comforter Cover AED 10
Table Cloth AED 5
Cushion Cover Small AED 3
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Bathing Suit AED 8
Cap AED 5
Underwear AED 3
Face Mask AED 3
Glove AED 3
Jumpsuit AED 5
Pyjama Full AED 5
Scarfs AED 5
Socks AED 3
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